Priekš tevis Austrālijā radītas un konstruētas
augstākās kvalitātes virtuves iekārtas.
"Kā skan senais teiciens: jūs maksājat par KVALITĀTI un KVALITĀTE kalpo mūžīgi" - Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

Breakfast In a Cup

Breakfast in a Cup is a new concept launched by Froothie to cater for the growing demand for quick healthy breakfasts.

The idea was inspired by the success of Crussh Juice Bars in the United Kingdom as well as juice bars here in Australia which have developed their own version of Breakfast in a Cup.

97% Fat Free, 100% Real Fruit, and Full of Antioxidants & Probiotics, fast and freshly made, breakfast in a cup is highly nutritive.

The future belongs to those who are fast! … simplify your breakfast on the go.

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